Various verbal comments from vendors and visitors

  • One couple that were just driving by with their grandchildren stopped in, they thought the fair was “wonderful”
  • Several people said “it’s the best bird fair they’d been to in a long time”
  • One couple said “it was a lot better than the bird fair last year”
  • Several people said “it was a nice variety”
  • The Pineapple Conure vendor by the windows said “it was the best show that they had vended at in a long time”
  • A lot of people said “nice fair”
  • Most people left the fair with smiles on their faces and were talking about how nice it was.
  • Quite a few people asked when the next fair would be and that they’d see us next year.
  • One young lady took pictures of the sign at the entry table and was going to post it on her Facebook page so that all of her friends would see it and come to the fair. She thought the fair was “great”.
  • One woman said, “I love the silent auction.”
  • A visitor from Illinois commented, “I came from Joliet to hear Dr. Sakas speak.”

1 thought on “Various verbal comments from vendors and visitors

  1. I am looking for sweet tame, handfed English Budgies. I am willing to drive a great distance for the right bird. (I live in Chicago) One thing that is one of my requirements in searching for a bird, is that any part of the babie’s diet cannot consist of food dyes (i.e. FD&C no.2 red) This is very dangerous to the bird’s health, and many owners will not notice problems until the bird dies at 10 yrs. instead of 15. I am wondering if you wean the Budgies onto harmful brands (like Kaytee, or Zupreem, or Sunthing) or if you feed them healthy organic foods like, Tops Brand, Harrison’s, and lots of fruits and vegetables. I will gladly drive hours for a bird that is orgaically/naturally fed. Thank you.

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