Solomon Island Eclectus

Solomon Island Eclectus Are Beautiful Birds

Solomon Island Eclectus are beautiful birds.  The male is a brilliant green, and the female is a brilliant red with blue on the front.  The male has a “candy corn” beak.  It is unusual for the male and female of a species to be totally different colors, but whether male or female, the Solomon Island Eclectus are awesome birds.

4 thoughts on “Solomon Island Eclectus

    • We have no Solomon Island Eclectus babies available currently, but we are hoping to have some yet this Spring. Pam Sysinger

  1. I seen the post for the Solomon Island Eclectus babies that were born on February 25th, will they be at the show on the 19th? and will they be old enough to take home? I am very interested in purchasing one but I don’t want to make the long drive to the show if they are not available yet. Thank you very much,

    • Dawn,
      I have one baby. Not sure if male or female yet. I am pulling it to handfeed either later today or tomorrow. Momma has been very protective. If you would like to talke to me and/or place a deposit, please call me at (574) 273-1767. Thank you. Pam Sysinger

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