Parrotlets at Royal Wings Aviary

Parrotlets Are the Smallest Parrots

Parrotlets are the smallest parrots.  They are often called pocket parrots.  Handfed parrotlets, especially males, make adorable pets.  Royal Wings Aviary, proud host of the Michiana Elite Bird Fair, has many handfed parrotlets. We also have our own pet parrotlet who loves to give kisses.

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Parrotlets Are Small But Mighty

Parrotlets may be small, but they do not take flack from anyone.  During the breeding season the males are very protective of the females.   Believe it or not, parrotlets are probably the biggest eaters of any birds we have in our aviary.  They love all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Parrotlets Come In a Variety of Colors

Parrotlets come in a variety of colors.  Royal Wings Aviary raises blue, pied, and dilute yellow parrotlets.





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  1. Hello I am trying to locate a breeder of parrotlets for my niece.she is 22 years old and is interested in abird and i told her about the parrotlets and shen is very interested.i currently have a cockatiel a 15 y/o female with attitude.long story short my niece’s daughter is 14 mo old and in love with my bird.she is like a bird whisperer of sorts as my bird doesn’t like anybody but loves the that is why we’re looking for a bird for a pet.we had a parrotlett breeder in the city but is no longer here.can you help us and let us know what you have and how much the little gems are.i think a male might be best for their ability to phone # is 701 7728343 thank you for your time.

    • Please send info on how one would buy a parrotlet, and the prices. I guess the bird would need to be shipped. How are they protected in shipment, since air craft may not have oxygen in their holding area where they carry luggage?????? Thanks.

      • Maxie,
        I have listed prices on our Birds For Sale page. It depends on the kind of parrotlet. As far as shipping, certain airlines are recommended for shipping animals, and there are not normally problems. Pam Sysinger

  2. I am looking for a weaned, male parrotlet. Do you happen to have one available for purchase. I live in Michigan (north of Detroit). Thank you for your time.

    • Robin,
      We have a blue male parrotlet and a heavily pied male parrotlet at the present time. I will be putting pictures on our website or I can send them if you prefer. Pam Sysinger

    • Louise,
      We have blue parrotlets and heavily pied parrotlets currently. I will be posting pictures on our website, but I can also send them to you if you would like. Pam Sysinger

  3. Would like to purchase a Parrotlet for my husband. If I came to one of your shows on November 25th in Waterloo or Joliet would you have plenty of babies available to buy? Thanks!

  4. I am looking for a Mexican Parrotlet pair. Or some people call them red rumped. If you could help me find a pair I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  5. I’m looking for a handfed, baby, male blue pacific parrotlet. Do you know where I can find one in the area? I have been looking everywhere. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

    • Kim,
      We have Pacific parrotlets. Right now we have blue and heavily pied, mostly white with some baby blue and some light gray. Pam Sysigner


  7. I’m interested in a parrotlet and have a few ?s
    Do you train them to step up?
    Do you clip wings?
    Do you train them to allow wing clipping and nail trimming?
    Is it possible for you to teach me to clip mines wings?
    What would you say is the most tamed parrotlet baby you have ever sold?
    Will my baby let me hold it with my hand instead of just stand on my finger?

    Any training info you could give me would be awesome and when i buy one will I be told the foods it was introduced to and likes?


  8. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me if you could have 2 adult male parrotlets in the same cage. Up to this time they have been alone and they are about 1 1/2 and 2 years old. Thanks so much.

    • They should be fine together, unless one is really aggressive. I would put the cages next to each other first. You can see if they gravitate or are not getting along. If they seen to want to be together, after awhile try it, but keep an eye on them. I would not add a female to the mix however. Pam Sysinger

  9. I am interested in your Parottlets. I like the cobalt. I live in Pa and I would pick it up at Pittsburgh airport. Could you email me some of the babies you have available so I can make an informed choice. Would like to know total price of bird and shipping. Are male more expensive because thir doors are brighter or richer? Tamara

  10. I just purchased a male parrotlet (yellow) from you at the forrest city bird fair in Rockford/Loves Park IL. I would like to thank you for my new addition to the family. My current parrotlet is talking up a storm to him, but still doesn’t know what to think about him. He’s fitting in just fine. Thank you again……

  11. Hi I am looking for a male parrotlet to go with my blue female. I would like a blue dilute if you have one, although other colors are possible. Thanks.

  12. I have a red eyed yellow parrolet male and a green female I would like to breed but I am not sure how to go about doing it since I have two males that have been clutch mates since birth . will they male hurt my female if I take him away from his clutch mate.

    • Rose,
      I would suggest putting the male and female beside each other in separate cages first without the clutch mate around. Give them some time, and if they gravitate toward each other and sit close to the side of the cage by the each other try putting them together. Pam Sysinger

  13. Hello. I’m looking to buy a male, hand fed parrotlet.

    I was wondering if you knew any breeders near the Forth Worth Tx area?

    Thank you.

    • Sorry, but I don’t know any parrotlet breeders in the Fort Worth area. We have some green males, not hand fed, available, but no babies (any color). Pam Sysinger

  14. We had a green parrotlet and he recently passed away…we loved him so much! It’s been 6month. We are now ready to buy 2of them.We’d like a blue female and a green male, handfed of course and very young, If needed I could finish handfeeding myself,as years ago I bred birds and did tons of handfeeding. We live in Grand Rapids M.N.

    • We currently have a blue little girl that was weaned about 3 weeks ago. However, the green males we have are older and are not handfed. Shipping has been running $125 including carrier. However, we don’t ship in extremely cold weather. Pam Sysinger, Royal Wings Aviary (574) 273-1767

  15. Hello my name is Greg and Im looing for a blue parrotlet. I have had birds for the past 40 years and I just love the Parrotlet. However after looking at your website I also like the scarlet Parakeet but I dont know anything at all about it …. I am inerested in Parrotlet right away and I travel I94 almost every weekend If you have one Id like to come and git it ASAP……………. could you please txt or call or email me asap?


  16. Dear Pam, I am doing my best to get this little girl paid for. I only get paid once a month at the beginning of the month. I have no money to Pay the balance, if I did, she’d be paid for long time ago. The $175.00 that I owe you will be paid as soon as I get the money from paypal, I will send you a money order. As I have no money for gas to pick her up at the airport anytime soon, unless I get some Christmas money, it may have to wait until new year before I could even get her. Don’t think I am rolling in dough because I am not. We don’t even have a gift for my only grandchild! It should not be long as I have been on the phone with Pay Pal almost every day. Please bear with me, I am doing my best! Karen

  17. We are looking for one or two parrotlets. We have some questions:

    Pros and cons of one parrotlet or two?

    Shipping cost and procedure?

    Availability of parrotlets in colors other than green and prices?

    What size cage is best for either one or two birds?

    Thanks for your timely reply!


    • Jane,
      One parrotlet will bond better with just you; two tend to bond with each other more. Shipping went up Jan. 1. We normally use United–sometimes Delta. We have yellow, blue, and green females for $150 ea., and pied females for $200. We also have green males for $200 ea. We will be pulling babies from nest boxes in about a week to handfeed. Pam Sysinger

  18. Hello. I have been looking for a baby blue, male, parrotlet. Where are you located and what are your prices? Thank you.

  19. I am very interested in buying a Parrotlet or two. I purchased a rather large cage but have been taking my time to research and find the right bird. I live in Nebraska so I am also curious if you can ship to here. Any feed back would be appreciated. Thank you :)

  20. Hello. I’m looking for a weaned parrolete. I would like a young green one. Why is it that the males seem to be preferred? Thank you.

    • Debbie,
      We have one green female available currently. We also have light blue, blue, and blue pied parrotlets available. Pam

  21. I am looking for a blue and green parrotlet, handfed if possible. Male preferred over female. I live in the Detroit metro. Thanks!

  22. Hi Pam! I am interested in Blue pied partotlets! Do you have any blue pied males and females that are young and not related? Do u give any discounts if more than 1 bird is purchased at a time ? What do u require for a deposit?

  23. I am looking for a white with blue or turquoise blue head. Male only. I would also like to see pictures of a pied yellow with green (making a blue color). How many babies do you have available now? Do you ship to Michigan? What are the costs? I don’t see too much info on your site except one comment about blue and blue pied…..

    • Cynthia,
      The two youngest parrotlets available, recently weaned, are a blue female and a green male (parents yellow m and blue pied f). I have Spring blue pieds available, also. I have no white with blue or turquoise head. Pam Sysinger

    • Yolanda,
      I have baby parrotlets in one of the nest boxes but am not sure of color yet. If you’d like to send me your phone number so I can text pictures I would be glad to do that when I pull them. Pam Sysinger

  24. Hello,
    We are looking for 1 possibly 2 Parrotlets but I’m having a hard time finding your pricing information. Can you tell me what you have available?
    Thank you,

    • Amy,
      I have no handfed baby parrotlets right now. However, I have some fall 2015 females available–blue, green, blue pied. My handfed females are $175 and my males are $250. However, the available Fall 2015 birds are $100 each. They were originally handfed. Pam Sysinger

  25. Wonderful! Do you have pictures available? Is there a good time I could call to speak with you?
    Thank you Pam,
    Amy Lawrence

  26. Hi. I was wondering if you have any 2015 blue males. He doesn’t have to be tame. I’m looking to pair him up with my yellow female ASAP.

    Jesus G

  27. Hello:
    I have had my new 3 month old parrotlet. He does not readily come out or get on my finger. But I sit next to his cage with door open and talk to him. He does move close to the open door on his perch so he seems interested in getting to know me. I bought him from Petco who seem to care very well for their animals in the store. This parrotlet came from a large breeder I believe in Florida and is stated to be handfed.
    I am not new to parrots and have 3 other birds. I have them for years but they readily got on my finger due to being handfed.
    My question is: Should I at some point go into his cage and get him out or just be patient and wait for him to come out. It’s important to note that i have just started to sit with him more as of this week I am now retired.

    Look forward to some help with my little bird’s training.


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