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    • We will not be at MAEBS. The hotel where we normally stay has changed policy (whole chain) and only allows dogs and cats–no birds or anything else. With so many state events it is impossible to find a place to stay. Yes, we will be shipping when the weather warms up. Pam Sysinger

  1. We are new the Aviary World and are looking for a male Cockatiel. I tend to be drawn to the male Pearl Chicks . Would you suggest getting two? Do you ship? Any photos oor information would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you and viewing your available cockatiels. Thank you, Charlie

    • Charlie,
      We have wf cinnamon pearls, wf cinnamon pied, wf grey pearl, cinnamon, and grey pied babies currently. Pam Sysinger

  2. I have a broody 18 month old female cockatiel I bought my son for his birthday and would like to buy a 2-3 yr male to mate so my son can have of the experience and pleasure of breeding birds.

    Do you ship to Florida and if so what birds do you have available in the next 6- 8 wk delivery. (ie the results of his FCAT testing at end of 5th year. What are prices?

  3. Hello

    I am looking for specifically a baby parrotlet male, looking for dilute blue, but would also be interested in a pied. I am also looking for a white or w/f pied cockatiel, or two if from different parents. Could you send me photos of what you have in each and your pricing? Thanks so much!


  4. Hi, I’m very interested in a hand tame love bird, mutation does not matter to me. Just that he/she is tame and friendly.

    • We have a special little girl, a hybrid black mask, who loves human attention. She likes to ride around on my shoulder while I work. Pam Sysinger

  5. Im very interested in purchasing a young handed cockatiel. Would you let me know if I could visit your aviary and purchase one? I’m in the south suburbs of Chicago and haven’t found what I’m looking for. Or, if that’s not feasible, could you recommend a local breeder. I’m very leary of shipping a young bird.

    Thank you for your help.

  6. I would love an English budgie, but I do not know what the different types and colors mean. ( pied, split, etc). Do males really talk more and should you buy a pair for more bonding? I have several parrots-just have not had an English budgie. What do you charge to ship? I live in Maryville, TN -had a yellow nape flown to me.

    • Peggy,
      The best way to get the information for which you are looking is to Google types of English Budgies or kinds of English Budgies. You should be able to find terminology and pictures. Shipping has been running about $125 including the carrier. Pam Sysinger

    • Renee,
      I’ll send you pics. We have cinnamon, Australian cinnamon, olive, peachface, and black mask lovebirds as well as blue, blue pied, dilute yellow, and heavily pied parrotlets. Pam Sysinger

  7. Do you have any hand raised lovebirds? If so, what colors? How much for a pair? I don’t want to breed so would you suggest two females? or males? Do you ship? Where are you located? Thank you for you time.

    • Cindy,
      I e-mailed you pics of some of our peachface varieties and black masks available. We also have 2 green peachface and one Australian cinnamon that we are still hand feeding. We are located near South Bend, IN, and we do ship. Pam Sysinger

  8. Pam
    I’m interested in purchasing a cockatiel. Is it best to get them I pairs?
    Not sure of the terminology but I want a white one with peachy cheeks and a yellow comb.

    • Carol,
      If you want a bird to bond with you it is better to only have one. If you have two they may still like you but they will often like each other more, although that is more true of a male/female pair. We have some adorable little guys just weaned/almost weaned, but none are the very, very light lutino with yellow crest and orange cheek patch like I think you are describing. Sorry. Pam Sysinger

  9. Hi, I am interested in purchasing a blue male hand fed parrotlet.I live in Northern California and am having a hard time finding someone who will respond back to me about buying a healthy parrotlet. Do you have any available now? Do you ship? Am also concerned about the stress on a bird being shipped. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Mary

    • Mary,
      The only males we have currently are a yellow and a heavily pied. The yellow was weaned about 3 weeks ago, and the heavily pied is still being hand fed. Pam Sysinger

  10. i live in Memphis TN. is there anyway u can send pictures to look at when the babies start getting bigger. i called the number u gave me on my e mail and left a number for u to call, please call me when u can.

    • Monique,
      We are starting to get English babies. There are some people ahead of you waiting, however. I will keep your information and keep you posted. Pam Sysinger

  11. I am looking for a princess parrott baby very gentle , what do you have available and will you be attending any fairs in Missouri or coming thru here at any time?

  12. I am looking for female English budgies and, in particular, the greys, if possible. Any chance you might have one or two in the future? Please send details. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  13. Hi I’m looking for handfed english budgies do you have any violets cobalts or greens males thank you and do you ship

  14. Looking for a handfed male rock pebbler parakeet aka regent parrot to keep as a pet. Have 4 conures & 2 lovebirds and 14 years of bird keeping experience.

  15. I am wondering if you will be at the Motor City Bird Breeders Expo on October 4, 2014? If so will you have any green Princess of Wales Parakeets for sale and how much? Thank you so much, Harmony

    • Presently we are not committed to the Motor City Breeders Expo on Oct. 4. We have one blue mutation Princess of Wales male, handfed and a sweetheart. Pam

  16. I was looking into getting another bird around the time you are hosting the michiana bird fair. I have never been to it and was wondering if you were selling birds there? And if so will there be many or just a few?

    • Morgan,
      We will have finches to big birds such as Amazons, macaws, cockatoos. Don’t miss the MICHIANA ELITE BIRD FAIR March 21, 2015, at Bethel College, Mishawaka, IN, 10-4. We will have more information on our website and on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/michianaelitebirdfair. Featured Speakers: Dr. Peter Sakas, DVM, Niles Animal Clinic, Niles, IL, and Dr. Ric Berlinski, DVM, vet at the Toledo Zoo. We also will have a BALD EAGLE from 12 to 2. See you there!

  17. Was wondering if you had any English budgies available? Would prefer a male. Live in St. Louis so would drive to pick up. Thank you.

  18. Dear Sir,
    I am Daniel from Indonesia, I want to buy macaw birds from you to export to Indonesia.
    Can you sell them to me and complete the export document needed?
    also ship them to Indonesia?
    I wait for your info.
    Best Regards.

  19. Hi, I am looking for either a pair of lovebirds or a parrottlet. Do you currently have any available and how far are you from Indianapolis?

    • Marsha,
      We have black masked lovebirds, peachface, pied peachface, dilute, and also parrotlets available. Pam Sysinger

    • Nancy,
      Our handfed Princess of Wales normals are $550. We have 2 ready to go and 2 in one of the nest boxes. Pam Sysinger

  20. Good day, I get interested in importing some kinds of parrot to Mexico, so I would like to know if you have experiences on this??
    By the way, I get interested in African Grey and other Amazons Parrots.
    Awaiting for your reply, have a wonderful day!!!!!

    Alicia Sung

  21. Hi Pam,
    I have been looking all over for a tame, handfed Sun Conure. I know that you don’t have any, being familiar with your site, but I was wondering if you knew someone that did raise them. Could I get one at the bird fair? When is the bird fair? Thanks Seth.

    • Seth,
      I don’t raise sun conures, as they are pretty noise, although they are beautiful. Yes, you could probably find them at the bird fair. Our next Michiana Elite Bird Fair is March 19, 2016 at Bethel College. Pam Sysinger

  22. Hello, I am really interested in one of your beautiful lutino cockatiels I have been looking for awhile now for a female and haven’t found any yet. I would like to buy one if you have any females available. I would also like to know how much they are for and if you ship how much would that cost. I would really appreciate if you could get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you and have a nice day. :)

    • Lynn,
      Are you looking for a HANDFED lutino female? Please give me a call at (574)273-1767. Shipping with Delta has been running $155 plus $22 for a carrier. Thank you. Pam Sysinger

  23. Hello.

    I’m looking for a cockatiel asap for Christmas. What do you have available and how much is shipping?



    • Audra,
      I have 2 beautiful cockatiels that will be ready soon. Both are white. One had cinnamon pearling on the wings and one is cinnamon pied on the wings. Give me a call. (574) 273-1767 Pam Sysinger

  24. I am interested in a pair of blue Princess of Wales parakeets & 1 or 2 pair of rosie bourke parakeets. Since I live in Texas they would have to be shipped. Do you have any available or do you think you will have any in the future? Also interested to know cost of shipping.

    • Dorsene,
      I have no Princesses available currently. I am hoping to have baby rosie bourkes soon. I ship via Delta which costs $155 continental U.S. plus $20 for a new carrier. Pam Sysinger

      • Please keep me posted on when you have rosie bourkes. Also when you do have princesses. I can be patient when I need to, to get the right birds from a reliable aviary.
        Dorsene Clem

    • I am hoping to have baby cockatiels in the near future. Our nesting cycle was disrupted when moving to the new aviary. Please check back or call at (574) 273-1767. Thank you. Pam Sysinger

  25. Hello, i see an upcoming fair in Mishawaka on March 18, 2017. Will birds be up for sale at the fair? It would be most convenient to pick up a possible future bird rather than having it shipped. Thank you.

    • There will absolutely be birds for sale at the Michiana Elite Bird Fair March 18 at Bethel College. That is the purpose of a bird fair– to have vendors who sell birds, seed, cages, etc., at costs usually lower that a pet store. It is best to buy directly from the breeder. Stop and say hi. Pam Sysinger, Royal Wings Aviary and Michiana Elite Bird Fair (574) 273-1767

        • Lizette,
          I do have handfed cockatiels, and I ship via Delta. Shipping runs $155 continental U.S. plus $25 for a pet carrier. Please give me a call at (574) 273-1767. Pam Sysinger

  26. Looking to adopt/purchase one baby/young female pet quality (not for breeding) lineolated parakeet, either a Creamino, Lutino, or special type of green. Roselle area; hopefully purchase local instead of by air. 5/20/2017 Please email if anybody has that special pet for me. Diane

    • Diane,
      I have one blue lineolated parakeet available. You are welcome to call me at (574) 273-1767 if interested. Pam Sysinger

      • Hi Pamela – already have the blue girls’, but still looking for either the Creamino, Lutino, or perhaps special darker green….female. I will keep checking your posts…as I am ready to purchase – hopefully from you Pam. I’m hoping by the Rolling Meadows show; you will have a linnie for me….hoping. Diane

  27. Hello,
    Do you have any parrotlet available? I am looking for a blue male or female preferably.
    Thank you

    • Stephanie,
      I have blue parrotlets available. They are recently weaned. Please call me at (574) 273-1767. Pam Sysinger

  28. Do you have any Rosey Bourke’s parakeets for sale? I have been dying to get one for quite some time. If you don’t have any now, please tell me when you do.

    • Heidi,
      I may have already talked to you. I have baby parrotlets in 2 nestboxes currently and am taking deposits. Please give me a call at (574) 273-1767. Pam Sysinger

  29. Hello! I currently have an older male cockatiel (unknown of exact age but approximately 5) and I want to get him a friend to help bring him out of his shell a bit! I’m not really interested in any particular color, just a good friend for him! Preferably female, but I’m not picky! Do you have any available and do you ship? Thank you!

  30. My disabled adult daughter just lost her male cockatiel. He was her best friend. She will only accept a hand raised baby. Do you have any? I have suggested a parrotlet too. Do you have any hand raised males available?

    • Betty,
      I have a sweet handfed male blue pied parrotlet available currently and am handfeeding a blue pied female. Please give me a call if interested. 574 273 1767 Pam Sysinger

    • Judy,
      I have some English Budgies ready to go, some being hand fed, and some that I will be taking out to hand feed after Christmas. Please give me a call at 574 273 1767. Pam Sysinger

  31. I am looking for a green female Parrotlet. I’ve done my homework and I’m so ready to have my first bird. Any info would be greatly appritated.

    • I have a beautiful green and yellow pied female parrotlet. However, I pulled her a little late for the handfeeding. Even though I have handfed her, she is nippy. You would need to work with her. She is $175. You can contact me at 574 273 1767 to discuss. Pam Sysinger

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