Lovebirds At Royal Wings Aviary

Many Varieties of Lovebirds

Royal Wings Aviary, proud host of the Michiana Elite Bird Fair, has many varieties of lovebirds.  We have peachface, pied peachface, blue black masked and dilute masked lovebirds.  All of our  babies are handfed and socialized.

Lovebirds Are Entertainers

Lovebirds are the clowns of the bird world.  They are entertaining to watch. They like to hang upside down and do all kinds of acrobatics.   One time I had young lovebirds in a cage with a small swing in it.  They formed a pyramid on the swing, the outside birds hanging on using their toes like hands.  I never saw so many birds on one swing.

See Available Lovebirds.

One or Two?

People often ask if they should get two lovebirds, as they have heard that you should always have a pair of lovebirds.  If you just want companions to watch and talk to, you should get two.  However, if you want a pet that bonds to you, you only want one.

Lovebirds Are Aggressive

Regardless of their name, lovebirds are aggressive birds.  We socialize our birds, but when a lovebird wants a certain position on a ladder or toy, he will nip the other bird’s toes.  People often ask if they can house lovebirds with their other birds.  We normally advise not to put them with budgies, canaries, cockatiels, grass parakeets, bourkes–any of the less aggressive birds.  We also recommend not having more than two lovebirds in a cage.  Three is a crowd with lovebirds.


79 thoughts on “Lovebirds At Royal Wings Aviary

    • $65 except for the blackmasks which more. Currently we have all shades of greens as well as blue black mask and some blue dilutes. Pam Sysinger

    • We ship. I don’t know specifically of a breeder in that area. We just shipped black masks to someone in the Pittsburgh area this summer. Right now we have 3 baby black masks still being handfed and 2 peachface green just weaned about a week ago. Pam Sysinger

  1. I am looking for several female lovebirds to pair up with the males that I have.
    Do you know of anyone who might have some?
    Local person would be preferred. I am located in Iowa.

    • We have blue black mask females and a couple of females from the peachface family including an Australian cinnamon. We will be at Love’s Park, IL, Sunday at the IBS fair/show. Pam Sysinger

  2. Hello~

    I am looking for a Love Bird with a light blue lower body with a white/grey head, do you have any babies or similar? Or possibly a blue fischer? How can I se close up pictures of what I purchase? Do you ship to Delaware or Philadelphia? And lastly, are these hand fed?

    Best regards~


    • Sherry,
      All of our babies are hand fed. We have dilutes on eggs, blue masked lovebirds, American Cinnamon, green peachface, and a beautiful pied peached recently weaned. We ship via United Pet Safe. Yes, we do send pictures. Pam

  3. Hi Pam! I am looking for a male love bird for my 9 month old female that is white and violet colored with a black head but not a mask ! Her back and wing are a deep violet color but when in the shadows she has a colbalt blue look.

    Paula noble

  4. My husband and I are interested in getting a male and female pair. Can one be blue and the other green & will they be able to breed?

  5. We are interested in 2 birds, either 2 lovebirds, 2 cockatiels, or 2 parakeets for our girls. Separate cages. I prefer the love birds, that is what I always had. We could even do 2 different kinds. How much is shipping to Belgrade, MT? And can you send pics of lovebirds with pale grey faces, odd color varieties, maybe the cockatiels, and bright colored parakeets?
    Thank you!

    • Jessica,
      We don’t have 2 cockatiels available currently. However, I tried send pictures of dilute lovebirds. I hope you received them and that the color was good. We ship via Delta. Pam Sysinger

    • I am having trouble with my e-mail. If you’d like to call me at (574) 273-1767 I’d be glad to talk to you about the lovebirds. Thanks. Pam

  6. Hello, I am in Northwest Indiana and considering a love bird as a pet. I have had bad luck with pet stores in the past and am looking for a qualified breeder now. Do you have any babies available or soon to be?

    Thank you

  7. I am interested in the peach-face pied Lovebirds. Do you happen to know their gender and are they from the same parents? If possible to you happen to have some more pictures of them? :) Thank you.

  8. I am interested in a black mask blue.
    Where are you located? Do you ship the birds? I am located in Fort Atkinson WI. I would really love to purchase as soon as possible. Thank you

    • Janet,
      I have black mask blue lovebirds as well as dilute lovebirds and green cheek, including pied, lovebirds available. Pam Sysinger

    • Maura,
      I don’t have any sea green lovebirds available. I do have pied peachface, green peachface, dilute, and blue black mask lovebirds available. Pam Sysinger

  9. I have a male peach faced lovebird. I’m looking for a female. I live in Mooresville Indiana. How much and shipping nfo would be appreciated. Very serious.

  10. do you currently have any baby lovebirds that are blue? Also, do you ship?
    Could you senme any pictures of what you might have and prices for shipping and the bird? We have one peach faced that is 10 weeks, it is my 13 year old daughters. Now my son would love one for Christmas is at all possible.


  11. We are very interested in buying a pair of Lovebirds. We’ve had birds before, but I would still consider us “novice” bird owners because previously we’ve just had caged Canaries and/or Parakeets, but after doing some research, we’ve decided on Lovebirds. We’re hoping to bring these birds home at the end of March. Do you currently have any birds for sale that will be ready by March 26th or so? I would be willing to drive and pick them up, as opposed to shipping them.

    • Katherine,
      I have baby dilute lovebirds that should be ready by the end of March. I will be handfeeding them. The parents are just beautiful. Pam Sysinger

  12. I would like to inquire about your lovebirds and what babies you may have available at this time. Are they really sweet and tame?? I would also like to know how much shipping is.

    Please email any photos of what is available and ages to my emial address.

    Thanks you!
    Pam Martin

  13. Hi! I have a male blue peach faced lovebird and am looking for a companion for him. Maybe a green or yellow peach faced little lovebird girl? How much would you charge to ship to NE Ohio? Thank you!

    • Currently I only have one pied peachface available. It was born late 2015. Please give me a call at (574) 273-1767. Pam Sysinger

  14. I would like to purchase a love bird peach face variety. Please contact me. I will need to know the cost including shipping to Seville Ohio. Thank you

    • Carolyn,
      I have no baby peach face lovebirds available currently. Please call if you would like me to put you on a waiting list. (574) 273-1767 Pam Sysinger

  15. Looking for a male lovebird to pair with my female. Mine is about a year and a half old. She keeps laying eggs. What would you recommend? I can send you a picture of mine if needed. I live in ponchatoula, la.

  16. I have a female yellow peachfaced lovebird. She is a little over a year. She has been hand tamed, but never with another bird. She is very sweet, with slight destructive tendencies. She loves baths and she is definitely a female. I am looking for a solid home for her. She has layed eggs twice, each time she layed three. I’m in Portland Maine. She is very precious to me, and the only reason I feel the need to give her up is because I’m going to college next fall and I will not be able to give her the attention she deserves.

  17. I’m in central IL near Bloomington. Normal. I rescued a pair of bonded breeders. Gorgeous little things. I’d like a pair of young violets to add. Separate cages of course. I love these birds. They hate me but that’s ok.

  18. Hi I am wondering if you happen to have any peach faced lovebirds for sale now and want to know what species of bird are the ones above that have white faces turquoise body with green and yellow in it That look like a blue peachfaced lovebird and last question I am maybe interested In buying a dilute love bird thank u very much – Haley

    • Haley,
      Give me a call at (574) 383-5560. I have 4 dilute lovebirds ready to go and 4 that I am hand feeding. I have no normal peachfaces available currently. Pam Sysinger

  19. I would like pricing and availability for a male and female blackmasked pair shipped to Harrisburg, PA before Christmas, please. Thank you.

  20. I am looking for a male lovebird as a companion for my peach faced blue female lovebird. I live in Vancouver, Washington do you ship there?

    • Elvina,
      I ship continental U.S. via Delta. I have dilute lovebirds (blue and white and violet and white) as well as 2 Fischers/peachface (not handfed) available. You can reach me at (574) 273-1767. Pam Sysinger

    • Victoria,
      My dilute lovebirds are normally $150. However, I have 3 late Spring dilutes (violet/blue) that I am selling for $50 each and 2 weaned recently that I am selling for $100 each so they get into their new homes before winter really sets in. You can reach me at (574) 273-1767 Pam Sysinger

  21. i have a cockatiel, six months old if i’m correct, who i adore and spoil since he’s my little buddy. i’m currently enrolled in high school with a part time job so i would say i’m somewhat busy? my only issue is he always wants to be out and as much as i love taking him out, he eats everything including my hair pins and pencils, so i always have to put him away. i’m starting to notice he gets lonely during the day since he will cry until someone gets him out if he knows someone’s home, and it’s almost like we own a dog, because you walk in the door and hear him squealing across the house haha,, but that brought me here! this seems to be a really reliable breeder, so we got that goin for me! i’m just curious since i adore lovebirds, if i should get one and what gender is recommended with a male (( so far )) cockatiel?? i know before you pull out the script on how bad it is and what i can’t do, i would be housing them in two cages, a good three to five feet apart in my room, and if bonded plan to take them to college with me! thats basically it ?? ALSO !! i do live in Missouri, is that an issue?? can you ship to me?

    • Carson,
      Lovebirds are considered aggressive birds, so you might have to house your birds separately permanently and have them out together if supervised. If your cockatiel craves attention I would suggest a companion cockatiel since they could be housed together. I do ship via Delta, as they are excellent with birds. Shipping runs $155 continental U.S. plus $25 for a new pet carrier. Pam Sysinger

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