Comment from Rebecca Mikel

Just wanted to say thanks for hosting a great avicultural event.  We loved the location  & really appreciated all the help your people provided as we were unloading in the morning and reloading in the afternoon.  We can only imagine the time it takes to pull off an event of that size – you two were probably beat before the day even started, weren’t you???!
Hope the babies are doing fine for you — wanted to remind you to keep water in that little dish in the tray under the birds – for humidity.

2 thoughts on “Comment from Rebecca Mikel

  1. My parents had a run of the mill budgie (I guess he wasn’t). Some of the things Jerry would say was: Hide the whiskey here comes the preacher. Airplane goes way up high. I can talk can you fly. Sit there stupid. I love you. Thank you and come back (my parents owned a store. They took him from home to the store and back every day). What cha doin’. I’m Jerry Payne what’s your name. It was a small town and he was the town bird. People would come in just to hear him talk. Many didn’t believe a bird could talk. He sat most of the time chattering away. He said many things that I can’t commit to memory now. I was a teenager and I’m now 65. My mother always believed it had to be a male and a young bird. She got him from a breeder when he was quite young.

    • Merilee,
      How awesome! Both American and English Budgies can be really good talkers. …and the things they can say! A friend of ours bought one of our English Budgie babies, and he was a magnificent talker. The kids even taught him to say “Frank (her husband) is stupid.” (very clearly) Thanks for sharing. Pam

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