Cockatiels For Sale at Royal Wings Aviary

Cockatiels for Sale

  • Lutino Pastel Cheek Cockatiel

At Royal Wings Aviary we handfeed all of our baby cockatiels.Β 

Normally we have white face cinnamon pied, white face cinnamon pearl, white face gray pearl, white face cinnamon pied, white face gray pied, and gray pied cockatiels available, as well as occasional lutinos and albinos.

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127 thoughts on “Cockatiels For Sale at Royal Wings Aviary

  1. I want a pet bird that isn’t as expensive as a cockatoo but is cuddly and playful. So from what i understand a hand fed cockatiel is the way to go. I already have a cage actually two one small and one huge and i own two american budgies that i adore but i got them from the pet store they r finger tame but not much of cuddlers. so I’m looking for one that will. do you suggest a cockatiel? also do you have an age rule for buying a bird from you because I’m 17 and own two birds I bought everything for and I take care of them so I just wondered if I need to bring an 18 or older person with me to buy one if I choose to?

  2. Hi Pam,
    Please email or call me. Still looking forward to the photos of your gorgeous white faced cockatiel babies. Tku πŸ™‚

  3. I have been looking for a breeder for cockatiel and have not found any close to us in Benton ky. I am not sure how far you are from me but I would love to find more about yours. Please email me about them. I would be so grateful. Thank you.

  4. Hi Pam,
    I had a yellow/white with orange cheeks Cockatiel, she lived to the age of 17 years.
    For several years now have looked for another of that same color. Non to be found. I live in southwest Michigan. Will you be having a Fair in this area any time soon??
    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • Jaime,
      We have some sweethearts right now. Our tiels are handfed and spoiled. Yes, we do ship. Currently, we have pearls, lutinos, charcoal, and pied. Pam Sysinger

  5. This will be my first bird I am trying to purchase I’am interested in the white cockatiel, I live in whittier Calif. My husband said I should purchase from a breeder not a pet store? What are the price range and if would like a bird that loves to be held and is tame are these birds singers πŸ™‚

    • Sylvia,
      It is usually best to buy from the breeder. Our cockatiels are handfed and socialized. Currently we have lutino, whiteface charcoal pearl available. In a couple of weeks we will have charcoal available, also. Pam Sysinger

  6. My husband has decided to let my teenage daughter get a pet bird, she’s been wanting one for years. He has already purchased a generous sized cage to surprise her on her birthday which is coming next week (Nov 14). She has saved her money and it is up to her to purchase her own pet.. I wanted to get a head start on finding a quality breeder for her and after some searching I have found Royal Wings Aviary. I’m thinking she’ll want a parrotlet or a cockatiel but I’m not sure; it will be up to her. This is her first bird, I owned parakeets when I was younger so I have a little experience with birds. We are in Elkhart, I searched this site but I’m not entirely sure where you are located. Any help would be appreciated. (and is there such a thing as “TOO BIG” of a cage for smaller birds?).. He chose the cage w/out the bird in mind. πŸ˜›

    • Suzanne,
      The barring is the most important issue. A bigger cage is otherwise fine, as you can put in perches, ladders, swings, and lots of toys. I would recommend a cockatiel for a first pet bird. Pam Sysinger

  7. Hello. I’m interested in getting a teil. Prefer grey and white with the colored cheeks. Can you please email me some info on them? Really appreciate it. πŸ™‚ thanks

  8. We are interested in a bird for my daughter. Are the pictured all that you have for sale? We will be driving in from Laporte. Do u have viewing/store hours? How much are your cockatiels? Do you sell cages and supplies? Thank you in advance. You can email me info please!;)

  9. I am thinking about getting a pair of unrelated cockatiels to add to my family (4 lovebirds and 1 blue and gold macaw) and am just wondering if you guys sex the cockatiels before they go to the new homes or if they can be sexed upon request. How long after making a deposit can the selected bird be held? Is it $50 per bird or if you buy more than one is it just the one time $50 deposit?

    Thank you,

    • Trinity,
      I will send pictures of the little guys we have available. Our little guys usually go to homes before they are old enough to sex. Pam Sysinger

  10. Hello, im interested in purchasing two cockatiels 1 white face, and one pearl. If you could send me any pictures you ahve it would be much appreciated. Would you be able to ship them to me via Delta? I’ve been hunting for two cuties that will keep me company. Please let me know asap

  11. Hi I am looking a mate for my cockatiel her name is Peaches.She is a female.She has no one and im looking to get her some company that is a male.

  12. I am looking for a male old enough to breed my female she laid her first egg. She is a lution and i would require a male lution for breeding purposes.

  13. we have four cockateils now their all very pretty birds …. mother and dad had both babies one is mostly gray with white 3 yrs old female and sister is 2 yrs old yellow and white mostly with small amount of gray female …. were looking for a male breeder for the young sisters …. kinda was wanting a albino male , can you send me some pics of any males you might have ?: ty

      • hello i was wondering what u have available for cockatiels im looking for a light color cinnamon pied, pure yellow or a lot of yellow and little white pied im not to picky on the sex but depending on price i might grab more then 1 if available . thank you, . john

    • Kim,
      I have one baby still in a nest box. Parents are white faces. It could be wf pearl or pied cinnamon or grey. Pam Sysinger

  14. Hi
    i decided to buy pair of white cockatiel pure albino.
    some friends advice me do not buy because it is not recommended both albinos together.
    Please it is true or false

    • I have one white tiel with cinnamon on the wings available. I think it is a male although it has not been sexed. You can reach me at (574) 273-1767. Pam Sysinger

    • Amber,
      I have a white cockatiel with cinnamon on the wings available currently as well as some hatching soon. Pam Sysinger

  15. Hello,

    My boyfriend and I were looking for a white faced grey cockatiel. I see that you have numerous color variations. I was wondering if you had any available right now that we could take a look at.


    • Megan,
      I don’t have any white face grey cockatiels available currently. The one I have available currently is white with cinnamon on the wings. Let me know if you are interested. Pam Sysinger

  16. Hello, I inquired previously about purchasing a pair of Love Birds towards the end of March. After doing a little more research, I feel like a Cockatiel might be a better fit for us a novice bird owners. Do you currently have or will you have any Cockatiel’s ready by the end of March? We don’t necessarily need/want a very young bird and are willing to bring an older bird into our home. Thank you!

    • Katherine,
      I have no handfed baby cockatiels available currently. I am hoping to have some hatching soon. Pam Sysinger

  17. Hi Pam, I’m imterested I’m buying maybe a few cockatiels from you this Saturday at Bethel college but I was wondering if maybe you could give me the price of one cockatiel? We have had a cockatiel before and they are just such great birds, and we’d love to have some again!

  18. We are interested in providing a great home to a male cockatiel we have been blessed with females in the past however issues with females becoming egg layers can and has had at least one sad ending. Don’t believe we could handle another loss.

    • I have no handfed baby cockatiels available currently. Spring is here so hopefully some should be hatching in the near future. Pam Sysinger

  19. Hi, I am looking for a baby male white faced pearl cockatiel. I am patient, so whenever you have one available. Not sure where you are, what would be the cost for bird and shipping? How does shipping work?

    • Elleen,
      My handfed tiels are $150. Shipping runs $155 continental U.S. with Delta (good with birds) and $20 for a new pet carrier. Please give me a call at (574) 273-1767 if you would like to place a deposit and get your name on the list. Thank you. Pam Sysinger

  20. Hi,

    We’re looking for a lutino similar colored cockatiel, young male, hand fed, good for children… Can you let us know if you have one and the prices and how much to send to Colorado.


  21. Good afternoon!

    I’m looking for a normal grey boy cockatiel, that’s been hand fed. I have a trip in early January, so I’m looking for a new feathered friend near the end of January. Would you have any available around then?

  22. hello there,
    I am currently looking for a breeding pair, the colors i am looking for is grey pearl, and albino. can you help me?

  23. Hello! I’m from Sacramento, CA. Are you currently selling any handfed baby albino cockatiels; preferably male? Please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks in advance!

  24. Hi Ive been reading the comments and I was wondering whats the difference in the handfed tiels and the companion ones and the pet ones? Can you also tell me what price I would be looking at for one tiel with a cage and shipping? Email me the responses please

    • Amy,
      My cockatiels are handfed so they make good pets. I do not sell cages, but I do ship. You can reach me at 574 210-6073. Pam Sysingerd

  25. Hello, I was just wondering if you have any cockatiels and if you are willing to ship one. I just want to make sure that you are an option when I make my decision of where I get my cockatiel. Thanks. πŸ™‚

    • Spencer,
      I have babies in one of my nestboxes and others on eggs currently. I do ship via Delta continental U.S. You can reach me at 574 210-6073. Pam Sysinger

  26. Hi, I was interested in some weaned cockatiels for shipping, but a phone number is not convenient for me to inquire details, can I have an email address to contact you?

    • Aela,
      The cockatiel babies I am handfeeding have deposits. I have none available currently. 574 210-6073 Pam Sysinger

  27. I was wondering when you would have any lutino cockatiels available also if you could give me a round about price with shipping to Greenville sc. or if you plan to be at any fairs in this area.


  28. Hi Pam’,

    I contacted you earlier but had a family emergency so wasn’t able to call yet.
    Do you by chance have a male baby cinnamon? Do you ship? I’m in Wester MA.


  29. Hello! I was wondering if you have any cockatiels, lovebirds, parrotlets, or conures available despite this pandemic, or if you think you will any time this summer. Thanks!

    • Leah,
      I have 3 high red conures ready to go home, two males and one female, all pineapple and just weaned. I should have cockatiels, lovebirds, and parrotlets later this summer. Pam Sysinger 574 210-6073

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