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Royal Wings Aviary raises handfed lovebirds.  We raise dilute, black mask, and peach face lovebirds.

CONTACT NUMBER:  (574) 210-6073





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  1. I’m looking for a peachface mutation lovebird. I saw that you offer shipping. How much does that typically cost? I’ve never had an animal shipped before. I have a pied lovie already, he’s a very typical lovebird, naughty with an awesome personality. I don’t want them to be housed together, but I do think mine would like another bird to chat with. Do you have any babies at the moment?

    • Lauren,
      We have peachface mutations and blue blackmasked lovebirds presently. All are Fall babies. Shipping has been running $125 plue carrier through United Pet Safe, but the rates were supposed to go up Jan. 1. Pam Sysinger

    • LaDonna,
      We have several lovebirds born last Fall available, but only one female (cinnamon). We also have blue black masked lovebirds. Pam Sysinger

  2. I am looking for a male lovebird , I have a female lovebird she is yellow /very tame , and I give her the best care possible !
    She’s a rescue …was thin and cage was a horror ! The past two years , she’s really been wonderful…healthy… And a lot of company …now that I am home all the time , being disabled…
    This past year she’s been in what I describe as brood mode…laying nearly 60 eggs this past year….after several trips to an avian vet. and different approaches …Sunni still lays eggs ! And since hormones etc. Haven’t helped ! The vet Suggests I buy her a male , in hopes , she can mate , raise a brood , and cycle in breeding condition as normal. I was told this would be good , because she maybe looking at me as a mate…I have plenty of space …and other birds…and enjoy them all so much …The male would be welcomed ,for more than just companionship for Sunni …he would be lovedvand cared for as are my other birds….I have two female and one male parakeets ..and while I never allow the two species to share cagesv, they do chirp and enjoy being in separate but close cages….The male may be any color…prefer an adult , maybe mature , as I am not sure ,which is best . perhaps . your experts could advise me .
    I have wanted a male for a good while , but PET stores do not engender my trust when I am buying birds…
    I would hope your business would be located where I could come for the male …shipping , leaves me somewhat concerned , for the birds safety..Thank You for your attention in this matter , Brenda Desper

    • Brenda,
      I we have some males from the peachface family as well as some blue black masked lovebirds. We are located near South Bend, IN. Pam Sysinger

  3. I just lost my colorful peachface male lovebird of 7 years 🙁 I feel so empty…I need another bird to bond with….
    I am very interested in a peachface Baby (Male)… if you happen to have a few to pick from.. ( send pic’s if possable). I hear the words “aggressive” & “Bratty.” But that wasn’t with my Yogi! He was the best. I tried other types of birds befor him… and thats were I stoped! we were a match. My love bird was baught by a local breeder..who has moved & stoped breeding lovebirds. I can’t seem to find a breeder in my state. so after looking around on the internet…I came across you 🙂 hopefully things will start looking good. Please, get back to me eather way. thank you.
    — Linda

  4. Hi I am interested in a lovebird, do you have photos of the birds you have available? How much would it be to ship a bird?

    • Marisa,
      We have just weaned blue black masked lovebirds, some a little older, a couple of olive peachfaces, and baby peachfaces in a nestbox currently. Pam

    • We have blue masked lovebirds and peachface lovebirds available orI can put you on our waiting list for an English Budgie. Pam

  5. I am looking for a male peach faced love bird. Plz contact me with availability, price & shipping info. I live in SC. Thank you

  6. Hello, I have a 10 year old blue masked love bird. His mate passed away recently, I was interested in finding him a new mate to play, preen and mate with. He doesnt seem to be suffering from any stress, but he has always done well with mates. I was wondering if you may offer an older mature female lovebird that may be compatible with him, he is a friendly gentleman who would love a new companion. Thankyou

    • Doug,
      You can e-mail or give us a call at (574) 273-1767. We have some nice lovebirds available right now, including blue masked, dilute, pied peachface, cinnamon peachface, and green peachface. Pam

  7. Hi Pam! Trying to find a male love bird for my purple/violet with a dilute black head but not a mask. She’s all most 1 year old!

    Thank u
    Paula noble

    • Gloria,
      We do have baby lovebirds available. We have black mask, dilute black mask, American cinnamon, green peachface, and baby peachfaces in the nestbox yet. Pam

  8. I’m looking for a pair of black masked blue lovebird birds. Our love bird has passed. We are lost and miserable without her! I’ve emailed and called you and not getting a response! Please please contact me ASAP!

    • Melinda,
      I am sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. Allan passed away last Friday. He had been hospitalized 2 hrs. away in Ft. Wayne, so I was not here much in the last few weeks–and not at all last week. I have been making funeral arrangements this week. His funeral is Wednesday, January 28. I will miss him very much after 21 years as will all his avian pets. Pam Sysinger

    • Samantha,
      Give me a call at ( (574) 273-1767. We have dilute masked lovebirds, blue black mask lovebirds, a normal peachface green, and a pied peachface available. Pam Sysinger

    • Arianna,
      We have one handfed green peachface and one handfed pied peachface available currently. Our handfed peachfaces are $85. Pam

  9. I am looking for a female peach faced love bird. Do you have any available and what is the cost. Thank you

    • Darlene,
      We have 2 peachfaces available, a green and a pied. Neither have been sexed. Our peachfaces are $85 each. Pam Sysinger

    • Jennifer,
      I have two beautiful pied peachface lovebirds that were just weaned as well as dilutes and blue black masked lovebirds available. Pam Sysinger

  10. We would be first time lovebird owners. We are looking for a young bird this Spring. Would you have any during the Spring months?

    • Heidi,
      We will have baby lovebirds this Spring. Please watch the Royal Wings website or call me at (574) 273-1767. Thanks. Pam Sysinger

  11. I am interested in a peach face lovebird as a companion, I would prefer a young one that we can bond with. Do you have any currently or do expect that you may in the near future?

    • Caralee,
      I have 2 dilute lovebirds that were weaned about a month ago available currently and hope to have some peachfaces and blackmasks in the near future. Pam Sysinger

  12. I am interested in adopting 2 lovebirds. Do you have any same-sex pairs available?
    Where are you located in Indiana. My husband and I live in Ohio and I’d like to determine if I could drive to pick them up or if we would request shipping.
    Thank you!

    • Royal Wings Aviary is in Granger, IN, close to South Bend. Currently, I have no baby lovebirds available. I may have some older lovebirds for you. Please call me at (574) 273-1767. Pam Sysinger

    • Jose,
      My peachfaces are $65, masked are $100, and dilute are $150. Currently I have no violets available. Pam Sysinger

    • Stella,
      I have no handfed baby lovebirds available currently. Please check back as I hope to have babies in the near future. Pam Sysinger

  13. Hi I am looking for blue masked lovebirds! Single or pair! I’m wanting for a pet! Please let me know if you have any available and how much you are asking for them! Thank you!!!

    • Angella,
      I have no blue masked lovebird babies currently. I have been moving my birds to a new aviary and will be putting nest boxes on soon, so please check back. Pam Sysinger

  14. I am interested in a peach faced love bird and was wondering how much the total cost would be including shipping. I live in Seattle, WA.

    • Lainee,
      I have no peahface lovebird babies currently but expect to have some in the near future. I do ship to WA via Delta, as they are very dependable and professional and take good care of birds. Please call me at (574) 273-1767. Thanks. Pam Sysinger

  15. Dear Pam,

    Hello and good evening l! I wish to purchase 2 lovebirds from you. What variations do you have right now or are going to have available isle the upcoming months? I am looking forward to your reply!


  16. I am located in Scranton, PA. I was wondering where your aviary is located and how far that would be from where I am? I am interested in a lovebird baby, female. What color mutations do you currently have and what is the price? Thank you!! ❤

    • Eileen,
      I have no lovebird babies available currently. I raise blue blackmask, dilute blackmast, and peachface lovebirds. I am located in Granger, IN, and I do ship via Delta. You are welcome to call me at (574) 273-1767. Pam Sysinger

  17. Hello!

    I’m looking for a female yellow peach faced, dilute or cinnamon lovebird that for a pet. My parents and I have been looking for one and I found your site. Do you have any in stock, and could you possibly tell me how much it’d be with shipping?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Treasa,
      Please give me a call at (574) 210-6073. I have some beautiful baby dilute lovebirds ready to go–violet, sage… I would be glad to send pics. Do you text by chance? Pam Sysinger, Royal Wings Aviary

  18. Looking to order a pair lovebirds. What is the process for payment and providing shipping information? Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Avery,
      Please call me at (574) 383-5560 or (574)210-6073to discuss the pair of lovebirds, payment, and shipping information. Thanks. Pam Sysinger

    • Mark,
      I currently have some beautiful handfed dilute lovebirds available. They are $150 each. I do ship via Delta continental U.S. Cost is $155 plus carrier. You can contact me at (574) 210-6073. Thanks. Pam Sysinger

  19. Hi, I am currently looking for a lovebird to be apart of ouf family. I would need to have the bird shipped to me. Will pay for the shipping cost.

    • Jessica,
      I currently have dilute lovebirds available. I am handfeeding 4 currently that are just beautiful. I ship via Delta continental U.S. Please give me a call. (574) 210-6073 Pam Sysinger

  20. Id love to buy a lovebird, male, a baby, and maybe a blue or violet one but i don’t have much preference. I was curious of the total cost of them? and how you ship?

    • I currently have male dilute lovebirds available. Sage, light blue, violet. $150 each. I use Delta as they are excellent with birds. It runs $155 continental U.S. plus $25 for a new carrier. Pam Sysinger (574) 273-1767

    • Frances,
      Royal Wings Aviary is located in Granger, IN, 5 minutes off the 80/90 Toll Road. I also ship. I do have female dilutes and blackmask lovebirds available. You can contact me at (574) 273-1767. Pam Sysinger

  21. Interested in finding a male partner for my female white faced violet lovebird. She is about 2 years old. The male would ideally have some sort of blue body. Not sure how recently this site was updated but if you could email me some pics of what you have currently and what I should expect to pay for the little guy I would appreciate it. I would be shipping.

    • Lexie,
      I have several dilute 2017 lovebirds and a recently weaned baby available. Please call me at (574) 273-1767. I would be glad to send pictures. Pam Sysinger

  22. Hello, I was curious about your violet love birds. do you have a location for pictures and prices? also, do you ship to alabama?

    • Omar,
      I emailed pictures of my violet dilute lovebirds. I do ship continental US via Delta as they are great with birds. Pam Sysinger

    • Joe,
      I have dilute violet or sage lovebirds available currently. I do ship via Delta. It runs $155 continental U.S. plus $25 for a new pet carrier. Pam Sysinger

  23. Dear Pam,
    Your baby Lovebirds are awesome. I interested in purchasing a male dilute violet lovebird on 2 or 3 feedings. I am an experienced hand feeder. Greys for a friend (Congo and Timneh), and Cockatiel.If this is not possible, please have him as young as you feel comfortable with as to bond with me. I’m retired and live with my husband alone and no children. Do you ship via US Postal Service to local office .What will the total cost be including shipping. Thank you

  24. I am looking for a pair of DNA unrelated lovebirds. Can you let me know what colors and ages you have available? Thank you!

  25. Hello! I am looking for a handfed male lovebird, any color/species, I am not going to discriminate, haha. Do you have any/know anyone who has any?

    • Amani,
      I have dilute lovebirds available–also babies I will be hand feeding. Dna sexing runs $19.50 through Animal Genetics. You can reach me at 574 273-1767. Pam Sysinger

  26. I am also looking for the youngest bird that you’re comfortable giving me. Preferably right as he’s getting weaned, perhaps a week or two out? Is this possible?
    Also, do you have tabs on when the next clutch of babies will be available after you sell the birds that you have now? Is there a seasonal time your lovies breed? Or are the babies available year-round?
    I’m sorry for all of the questions! I’d really love to get as much information as I can have.

    • I have baby dilute lovebirds in one of the nestboxes. I will be hand feeding them. They can go home as soon as they are weaned and eating on their own. You can reach me at 574 273-1767. Pam Sysinger

    • Micayla,
      I have baby dilute lovebirds available. We are redoing the website, so I can text or e-mail pics. Pam Sysinger

  27. I am intersted in buying 2 of the black and blue lovebirds found on the second picture posted on your website. I wanted to ask a few questions regarding your breeder and the birds before making a purchase. How much would it cost to purchase two of the blue bodied and black faced love birds? Do y’all only ship or can I come personally to pick them up? When would they be available to purchase? Thank you and please get back to me as soon as you can.

    • Rodrigo,
      I will not be at Rolling Meadows. I do have high red and crimson bellied conures and English Budgies currently available. Pam Sysinger 574 210-06073

    • Lauren,
      I have 2 dilute lovebirds from Fall 2018, 2 masked just weaned, and 1 masked that I am handfeeding. You can reach me at 574 210-6073. Pam Sysinger

    • I am handfeeding 2 adorable dilutes. One is violet and one is aqua. You can reach me at 574 210-6073. Pam Sysinger

  28. Good evening,
    We are interested in a lovebird. Do you currently have any available? If so, when will they be ready to go home or are they currently ready?
    Thank you!

    • Lindsey,
      I have baby dilute lovebirds in a nestbox. I will pull them in a couple weeks to hand feed. You may want to place a deposit. You can reach me at 574 210-6073. Pam Sysinger

  29. Hey, I am looking for a very young (peachface if possible) lovebird. I have had experience with birds, but currently do not own one. I have been very lonely, and I think a lovebird is the perfect bird for me. I live in Washington, so I was wondering if shipping was necessary, and if so how much would that cost? Also what is the price for the bird itself?

  30. Hello,
    My family and I are in search of a tame, adult, male, peachfaced love bird. We currently have a female that is about 3 years old. She is very social with our family. However we feel she would benefit with a companion. Do you have any available at this time?

  31. Hi I am looking for a blue peach faced love bird. I would like no more than 2, and would want a male, because I heard that females are aggressive. Do you have any blue peach faced or just blue lovebirds? Also are they hand fed? And I live in CA where are your birds because I don’t want them shipped that far.

    • Rita,
      I ship via Delta from Indiana. They arrive same day. I have dilute lovebirds recently weaned available currently. You can reach me at 574 210-6073. Pam Sysinger

  32. Hi! I am looking for a tamed black masked blue lovebird!! The sex of the bird doesn’t matter. I live in South California and I would want them to be shipped from a far place.

    • Aliyah,
      I am handfeeding 2 dilute masked lovebirds. One is aqua and one is blue. You can call or text me at 574 210-6073. I would be glad to text you pictures. Pam Sysinger

  33. I am looking for a love bird. Wondering where in Indiana you are located if you allow pick up or to meet some where and also what type of love birds you have available?

    • Jenelle,
      I am hoping to have baby dilute lovebirds soon. I also just paired a pair of peachfaces. I am in near South Bend, IN. You would be able to pick up. You can reach me at 574 210-6073. Pam Sysinger

  34. Do you still have any available peach faced lovies? I am looking for 3 boys but I am open to pairs as well. Your birds look fantastic! Hope to hear from you soon

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