Royal Wings Aviary – Professional and Loving Parrot Breeders

At Royal Wings Aviary  “We treat all our birds like kings and queens!”

Royal Wings Aviary has been breeding birds for about 20 years.  At Royal Wings Aviary all of our babies are handfed and socialized.  This makes Royal Wings babies good pets.  Every baby bird that comes out of Royal Wings Aviary is given a lot of TLC.  In other words, we give our babies a lot of love and attention.  Our motto at Royal Wings Aviary is “We treat all our birds like kings and queens”.

Pam, owner of Royal Wings Aviary, has traveled the Midwest to many bird fairs and has made many quality friends. We have sold many Royal Wings babies to quality people and loving homes.  Customers have traveled from all over the Midwest  to purchase our sweet and beautiful baby birds.  We also ship continental United States.

Royal Wings Aviary, Proud Host of the Michiana Elite Bird Fair

Royal Wings Aviary hosts the Michiana Elite Bird Fair (Michiana Bird Fair) every third Saturday in March .   The purpose of the Michiana Elite Bird Fair is three-fold:  1) to inform the public about exotic birds and available bird-related products, , 2) to strengthen family relationships and provide an opportunity for quality family time, 3) to promote community.

Royal Wings Aviary, Breeder of a Wide Variety of Beautiful Bird Species

Royal Wings Aviary prides itself in breeding a wide variety of beautiful bird species. We breed Princess of Wales parrots, crimson bellied conures, high red conures, greencheek conures, cockatiels, lovebirds, scarlet-chested grass parakeets, English budgies, parrotlets, rosie bourkes, Congo African Greys, and Solomon Island Eclectus. At the present time, Royal Wings Aviary has a variety of sweet baby birds for sale to good homes.