2013 Better Than Ever!

The Michiana Elite Bird Fair 2013 was better than ever!  Not only did we have reputable vendors, but we will also had a fabulous silent auction and two renowned avian speakers.


11:00 Household Hazards by Dr. Peter Sakas, DVM

12:00 Australian Birds by Dr. Ric Berlinski, DVM

2:00  Foraging and Enrichment in Pet Birds by Dr. Ric Berlinski, DVM

3:00 How to Tell If Your Bird Is Sick by Dr. Peter Sakas, DVM

There were all sizes and types of exotic birds to see and to buy.  The pet macaws and cockatoo were a hit as usual.   If you needed toys for your bird or a new perch or play gym, or seed, you could find it at the Michiana Elite Bird Fair.

Hopefully, you checked out the silent auction.  There were gift certificates for the best restaurants in the area as well as bird seed, bird toys, an $800 taekwondo package, cages, sports memorabilia, golf packages, and other items from area businesses and the major bird seed companies.

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5 thoughts on “2013 Better Than Ever!

  1. where will the bird show be at and the baby bird show be at i live in demotte and is ur cuckatoo still 4 sale how old is he and is he tame

    • Debbie,
      The Michiana Elite Bird Fair will be held March 23, 2013, at Bethel College in Mishawaka, IN, 10-5. Yes, Sonny is for sale. He is a Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and is a lady’s bird. Pam Sysinger

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