Post by Taha Afzal

Her birds are amazing ! We drove two hours from Michigan last week and left with a beautiful baby boy budgie we named Charlie. Tamest, sweetest little bird we ever owned ! After just one week with us he can sit on our laps and watch tv with us haha!

Comments About March 19, 2016 Michiana Elite Bird Fair

The owls were beautiful!

People at the bird fair were so nice!

I loved the cockatoo.

Good selection of toys.

The toys were well-made.

I won a lot of great things in the silent auction.

Great variety of birds.

The owl workshop was really good.

Dr. Berlinski was very entertaining and I learned a lot about owls.

I found the seed I have been looking for.

I couldn’t believe that the bird that got out finally flew back into his cage.

I enjoyed talking to Dr. Sakas.  He answered some questions I had.


Various verbal comments from vendors and visitors

  • One couple that were just driving by with their grandchildren stopped in, they thought the fair was “wonderful”
  • Several people said “it’s the best bird fair they’d been to in a long time”
  • One couple said “it was a lot better than the bird fair last year”
  • Several people said “it was a nice variety”
  • The Pineapple Conure vendor by the windows said “it was the best show that they had vended at in a long time”
  • A lot of people said “nice fair”
  • Most people left the fair with smiles on their faces and were talking about how nice it was.
  • Quite a few people asked when the next fair would be and that they’d see us next year.
  • One young lady took pictures of the sign at the entry table and was going to post it on her Facebook page so that all of her friends would see it and come to the fair. She thought the fair was “great”.
  • One woman said, “I love the silent auction.”
  • A visitor from Illinois commented, “I came from Joliet to hear Dr. Sakas speak.”

Comment from Rebecca Mikel

Just wanted to say thanks for hosting a great avicultural event.  We loved the location  & really appreciated all the help your people provided as we were unloading in the morning and reloading in the afternoon.  We can only imagine the time it takes to pull off an event of that size – you two were probably beat before the day even started, weren’t you???!
Hope the babies are doing fine for you — wanted to remind you to keep water in that little dish in the tray under the birds – for humidity.

Comments from the Brandywine Hen House

We sold birds at the “Michiana Elite Bird Fair” on March 19, 2011. I was very thankful to be able to get a table at this bird fair and was impressed and delighted to find so many different species of bird for sale. The vendors seemed to have a large variety of healthy birds and I might add some of the birds were quite unusual and hard to find at other fairs. Not only were there a lot of birds for sale, the bird product representatives had everything that you could imagine or need for your birds. There was a large diverse selection of foods, cages, toys and almost everything under the sun relating to birds. It truly was the best fair I have been to in years.

Thanks for having me, we will be there next year.

Brandywine Hen House
Sue Ball